Demokratie Reloaded

Demokratie Reloaded

Kuratorin: Isolde Charim

Charim | Sintomer

A general consensus has emerged: Western democracy is currently facing a crisis. Its attractiveness is dwindling. The system of representation has become hollow, because the relationship between citizens and their representatives is being eroded. Hence it is losing its appeal. In brief, a wide gap has opened up between the ideal of democracy and its reality. This gap has become so wide that talk about the spectre of post-democracy is spreading, as if we had already lost democracy. It looks as if the democratic institutions continue to exist only formally – as a facade, as if, behind the screen of the sovereignty of the people, an unbridled power struggle were raging between rival interests and fiercely competing lobbies. Post-democracy is a synonym for democratic decline.
But what if this depressing analysis were only one potential perspective? What if this process of brutalisation only affected old forms of democracy whereas new forms tend to be overlooked or have yet to be invented? With its new series, the Bruno-Kreisky Forum seeks to identify opportunities to reinvent democracy. This is a quest for the future of hope. The idea is not so much to revive an old concept but much rather to re-invigorate it: democracy reloaded!


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