Gudrun HarrerArab Changes

Kuratorin: Gudrun Harrer



A few years ago the people in several Arab countries started to rise in protest against their undemocratic systems asking for political freedom and social justice. Since then three dictatorial regimes – in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya – have fallen. One – in Yemen – is on its way out, and another one, in Syria, seems doomed. In Tunisia, Egypt and Libya the revolution has entered a second stage: people’s will is by means of elections being transformed into political reality. Are the Islamists‘ sweeping victories in Tunisia and Egypt an answer to the question who will reap the rewards of the revolution? Will liberal and secular forces, will the young educated people who wish to direct their countries into political modernity be marginalized? Or are we witnessing a transformation of political Islamic parties into Western style social conservative parties, fit to integrate into democratic systems? And what can the West do to help these nascent democracies in their sometimes-troubled transitions? These and more questions are addressed in this lecture series.



Genial Dagegen
curated by Robert Misik

The Middle East: revitalized faultlines and conflicts

analyzed by Hannes Swoboda