Aktuell 2017

Montag, 20. Februar 2017, 19:00 Uhr


New Realities, Shifting Priorities

The Joint Africa EU Strategy, decided by the second summit in Lisbon, December 2007, starts out by stating: Africa and Europe are bound together by history, culture, geography, a common future, as well as by a community of values: the respect for human rights, freedom, equality, solidarity, justice, the rule of law and democracy. Good governance and rule of law are recognized by Europe and Africa as central prerequisite for broad sustainable development; on issues like democratic participation (e.g. 3rd term), fight against corruption, individual and press freedom, transitional justice, among others, significant divergent opinions exist. The notion of common values was implicitly, challenged, and will constitute an important backdrop for the next AU/EU summit.

Mohamed Chambas, Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Regional Office for West Africa
Thulisile Madonsela, Lawyer, Fellow at Harvard University, former Public Protector of South Africa
Stella Sabiiti, Women, Gender and Development Directorate, African Union

Georg Lennkh, Member of the Board of the Bruno Kreisky Forum

In cooperation with ADA and VIDC


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