Karl Kahane Lectures

Karl Kahane (1920-1993) was an Austrian entrepreneur and a close friend of Bruno Kreisky. He supported politicians and peace activists at the time of the first peace talks between Israel and Egypt and acted as a facilitator between the different parties. Kahane said of himself: "I categorize neither my friends nor employees, neither my sympathies nor antipathies according to religion or race". He considered it his duty to be on the side of the weak and to dedicate part of the proceeds from the family companies to not-for-profit organizations. He was one of the founding fathers of the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue. He and his family are committed supporters of the Forum since its inception in 1991. In memory of her father, Patricia Kahane, the president of the Karl Kahane Foundation, is the host of this lecture and seminar series dedicated to human rights, peace and conflict resolution.



Genial Dagegen
curated by Robert Misik

The Middle East: revitalized faultlines and conflicts

analyzed by Hannes Swoboda