Curator: Bashir Bashir





The recent developments in the Arab world and the wave of democratization we are witnessing, point out to the emergence of a revised and thinner version of Arab nationalism which acknowledges the particularities and importance of nation-state (al-Dawla al-Qutriya) as compared to the thick version of Pan-Arabism and Nasserism which sought to transcend these. Given the centrality of the Palestinian cause for Arabs in general and Arab nationalists in particular and given the increasing intertwinement of Palestinian and Jewish nationalisms, an engagement with the Jewish question, identity and rights in Palestine are currently very pressing issues. Indeed, the presence of Jews in the Arab world- e.g. Arab Jews- and the major roles some of them played in cultural, social and political life of their respective countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria pose serious challenges to our understanding of contemporary Arab national identities and to the post-1948 Arab nation-state building and decolonization projects. Moreover, “Arab Jews” raise challenges to Zionism and the hegemonic role European Jewry and its experiences of persecution and anti-Semitism have been playing in determining the operative cultural and political values of Israeli society and state. Therefore, our proposed two-day workshop aspires to fill this remarkable gap in academic and political field during the last forty years through inviting Arab engagements with the Jewish identities, rights and nationalism in historic Palestine. More specifically, our proposed workshop seeks to study, explore and critically assess the challenges Arab engagements with the Jewish question pose to Palestinian and Arab nationalisms in light of the profound changes these nationalisms have been undergoing lately.

Arab Jewish Engagements

Interrogating Nationalism
June 2-4, 2016
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Arab Jewish Engagements

Interrogating Nationalism: the Arab Jew
November 19-21, 2015
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Arab Jewish Engagements

Bi-Nationalism in Israel/Palestine
June 19-21, 2015
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