Franz Vranitzky  Franz Vranitzky

  Honorary President, former Federal Chancellor of Austria

Rudolf Scholten  Rudolf Scholten
  President, former Federal Minister of Education, Science and the Arts

Max Kothbauer  Max Kothbauer
  Vice-President and deputy Treasurer, Vice-President OeNB

Georg Lennkh  Georg Lennkh
  Treasurer, former Director General for Development Cooperation
  Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, President of CARE Austria

Eva Nowotny  Eva Nowotny
  Secretary and Curator, former Ambassador

Patricia Kahane  Patricia Kahane
  Deputy Secretary, President of the Karl Kahane Foundation

Margit Schmidt  Margit Schmidt
  Secretary General of the Kreisky Forum from 1991 - 2004

Alexander Kahane  Alexander Kahane
  Industrialist and Banker

Ewald Nowotny  Ewald Nowotny
  Governor OeNB

Wolfgang Petritsch  Wolfgang Petritsch
  Former Ambassador, President of the Austrian Marshall Foundation

Hannes SwobodaHannes Swoboda
MEP, President of the Socilademocrats in the EP
President of the Architekturzentrum Wien 




Andreas Mailath-Pokorny  Andreas Mailath-Pokorny
  Counsellor for Cultural Affairs of the City of Vienna

Gertraud Auer Borea d’Olmo  Gertraud Borea d’Olmo
  Secretary General

Andreas Staribacher  Andreas Staribacher

Werner Obermayer  Werner Obermayer




Scientific Board

Helga Konrad  Helga Nowotny
  Former Chair of European Research Advisory Board 

Oliver Rathkolb  Oliver Rathkolb
  Associate Professor, History, University of Vienna

Arnold Schmidt  Arnold Schmidt
  Associate Professor, Technical University of  Vienna
  Deputy Chair of the Scientific Board IST Austria, Curator


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