Already at the outbreak of the peaceful protests in Syria in March 2011, women were marching in the forefront of the civil-society protests for political change in Syria. The active civil society in Syria, consisting of many women, was hoping that peaceful protests would lead to real, progressive and democratic changes in Syrian society. However, these voices have since been high jacked by male dominance, rebel groups, armed conflict, alongside the rapid spread of IS in parts of Syria.


  • Offering a forum for Syrian women activists from various backgrounds, political, ethnic and religious affiliations to meet, exchange views and network
  • Promoting women’s participation in prevention, mitigation and peace building efforts in Syria
  • Enhancing the capacity of Syrian women activists in the areas of negotiation and peace building skills
  • Empowering women through networking with relevant UN, international and local GOs and NGOs involved implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security
  • Advocating for and working on adequate representation of Syrian women in political talks and future political process

Curated by Viola Raheb
In Cooperation with International Institute for Peace IIP


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