Ending Palestinian Fragmentation: Women, Capacity Building and Empowerment

is a three year program that would meet twice a year in Vienna. Participants at these bi-annual meetings would include Palestinian women from the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, from the Palestinian refugee communities in Arab countries, the Diaspora and those living inside Israel. Those attending will also include Palestinian women representatives from international organizations as well as activists in various civil society institutions.

Palestinian women have been key witnesses, and victims, of the process of political and territorial fragmentation. Although they have historically played an important role in the Palestinian national movement, be it within the PLO or among women organizations in Lebanon, Jordan, West Bank, Gaza and inside Israel, women’s voices has been silenced since Oslo. Their role in parliamentary politics inside Israel as well as in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank has been marginalized. Above all, their ability to protect women’s rights and advance their political struggle for liberation and equality has been curtailed. Israeli checkpoints, the siege on Gaza, the wars in Syria and the failure of the PLO to meet since 1988 have hampered any attempt to seriously empower women and engage them in the political process.

Curators: Leila Farsakh, Viola Raheb


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