Worldwide more than 42 million people are fleeing war and persecution. According to UNHCR “Women and girls comprise about half of any refugee, internally displaced or stateless population”. According to UNHCR data, women account for approximately 50.3% of Syrian refugees today. Among the refugees, arriving to Europe recently, especially through the Balkan route, the number of women on among refugees is increasing. According to the UNESCO the figures from Macedonia reflect this development; the percentage of women and children among the refugees passing through Macedonia during September 2015 was 36%, and increased in October to reach 44%. Hence, the reasons for flight of women are diverse. Patriarchal structures on various levels have immediate consequences on both reasons and experiences of flight of women. Often, women are also faced with an additional gender-based violence both in the context of political upheaval as well as on the road.

Proposed by Viola Raheb
In Kooperation mit Bundesministerium für Bildung und Frauen sowie Sandra Frauenberger, Stadträtin für Frauen, Bildung, Integration, Jugend & Personal.


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