The Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue has an internationally recognized standing and reputation in one of the most complex conflicts. The year 2013 brought an important development from an intellectual, academic exercise to a relevant political project tested in Europe, in the US and in the region. It is timely to continue this effort not only against the background of the collapse of the so called peace talks but also on the assumption of a different approach needed. The newly introduces discourse based on rights and values instead of power and interests is gaining momentum in the discussions.

In this debate the Kreisky forum offers its novel initiative - a set of guiding principles that aim to secure the individual and collective rights (including national self-determination), interests, and identities of Jewish-Israelis and Palestinians alike in historical Palestine/Israel. This initiative goes beyond the binary predicament of “one state/two states” and instead adopts a binational rights-based approach: we propose a set of fundamental principles that are indispensable to the design and implementation of any viable solution. Of prime importance, these principles can be accommodated and realized in various constitutional and/or institutional arrangements (including a two nation-state arrangement). The initiative departs from the current paradigm in several ways: by addressing the fundamental issues from the start (rather than at a later stage), by going from principles to implementation and not vice versa, and by rejecting the logic of strict separation and partition.   

The discussions reflect the sense of urgency and the need to explore new paradigms given the dismal reality on the ground twenty years after the Oslo agreement, and the failure with regard to the current round of negotiations. It underlines the importance of engaging with alternative approaches to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  The aim is to mark the year 2017 with the ending of 50 years of occupation.

Anfang 2015 wurde die Publikation „Rethinking the Politics of ISRAEL / PALESTINE“ herausgegeben. Diese Publikation ist gemeinsam mit der Socialists & Democrats Gruppe (S&D Group) des Europäischen Parlaments unter Projektleitung des Bruno Kreisky Forums entstanden.
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