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The Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue was established in 1991, one year after Kreisky’s death, by his companions and friends with a view to pursuing those objectives which had always been close to his heart during his entire political career.

Over decades, the Kreisky villa at Armbrustergasse 15 in Vienna was the scene of international and national meetings as well as a centre of political decision-making. In 1991, the Bruno Kreisky Forum acquired the building with the support of the Republic of Austria and had it converted into a modern forum for dialogue.

As a European think-tank it acted as a centre for dialogue where politicians, scientists and intellectuals from all over the world could get together to exchange their ideas and views, to analyse complex issues and problems, work out approaches to global solutions and take a public stand on political events – especially confrontations and armed conflicts.

The year’s diary is packed with discussions, symposia, lectures and seminars, and hence the Kreisky Forum has established itself as an indispensable element of intellectual and political life in Vienna, Austria and Europe.



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