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Dienstag, 05. September 2017, 19:00 Uhr

Crises in South Sudan and the Horn of Africa

Crises in South Sudan and the Horn of Africa – Key Factors for Migration

As Ambassador Rondos had pointed out in his last talk at the Bruno Kreisky Forum, a ’Necklace of Crises and Terror’ stretched around Europe, from Mauritania and Mali to the South Sudan, the Horn of Africa and beyond. This threat to European security has now turned out to be a main factor of African migration to Europe, but also within Africa.

Alex Rondos, EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa

Respondent: Maria Reininger, Journalist, ORF/Ö1
Moderator: Georg Lennkh, Curator, Member of the Board, Bruno Kreisky Forum

Alexander George Rondos is a Greek national, born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, in 1954, educated in Kenya and the UK, completed BA (Hons) at Oxford University. His career has included journalism at West Africa Magazine, followed by twelve years of work in relief and the development world. After two years at the World Bank he became an advisor to the Foreign Minister of Greece, counseling and implementing policy in the South Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Rondos was promoted to Ambassador of the of the Hellenic Republic and worked on diplomatic and meditation missions of behalf of the Prime Minister of Greece. He was appointed EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa.





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