Hegemonies and Alliances

“On Hegemonies and Alliances” is a yearly conference covering the antagonistic and troubled region of Middle East and Gulf countries. A series in cooperation with the Department for Security Policy of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Defence and partner institutes from Europe and Turkey.

Arab/Jewish Engagements: Regionalism and Borders

The program Regionalism and Borders seeks to capitalize on the Forum’s extensive and rich engagements in the analyses of the politics of the Middle East and Europe. It invites leading intellectuals and politicians to a series of workshops to discuss in a protected environment the rising new political order and the most pressing and critical questions and challenges that face the people of this region. A particular focus is paid to the question of Israel/Palestine, which ought to be seen as a regional question rather than a local or a national one.

Women in International Dialogue

“Women in International Dialogue WiD” is a Bruno Kreisky Forum’s initiative to bring together experts from different regions of the world in order to analyze current conflict scenarios as well as post-conflict situations from a women’s perspective and to make recommendations on what measures can be taken to improve the protection environment for women during and after conflict, to engage women in conflict prevention, and to ensure that peace processes are guided by women’s perspectives and address their needs.

Previous series

Europe at Risk

“Europe at Risk” is an initiative by the Bruno Kreisky Forum, the Center for Liberal Studies and the Bureau for Security Policy at the Federal Ministry for Defence and Sports to engage a debate on the crisis of the European Union which is torn apart by two powerful forces. Political elites agree that deeper integration is the only effective response to the crisis but at the same time the crisis has led to the re-nationalization of the sentiments in the member states. In short the Union is torn between the imperative for more integration as the only way to save the Union and the political impossibility to achieve it.