Kreisky Forum Specials

Dialogues for tomorrow

The debate series Dialogues for Tomorrow critically examines the present from multiple perspectives in order to create a better understanding of tomorrow.

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Book Presentations

National and international publishing houses cooperate with the Bruno Kreisky Forum to present new publications and to present current topics.

Bruno Kreisky's Birthday

Every year, on or around 22 January, the Bruno Kreisky Forum hosts a festive event commemorating Bruno Kreisky’s birthday. A prominent representative from politics, science or culture gives a keynote address focusing on “Der Mut zum Unvollendeten” (the courage to accept the unfinished).

The Bruno Kreisky Prize for Services to Human Rights

The Bruno Kreisky Prize for Services to Human Rights was established in 1976 on the occasion of Bruno Kreisky’s 65th birthday and results from the fact that Bruno Kreisky refused to accept any personal gifts. The prize’s underlying capital was also raised with the support of companies and institutions that were not necessarily classified as having any affiliation with Austria’s Social Democratic party.

Bruno Kreisky Prize for the Political Book

Since 1993, the Bruno Kreisky Prize for the Political Book has been awarded annually by the Karl Renner Institute in cooperation with the Social Democratic educational organisation. In the spirit of Bruno Kreisky’s lifetime achievements, this prize is awarded to honour political literature that promotes freedom, equality, social justice, solidarity, democracy and social cohesion, tolerance and freedom of the arts.


Das rote Jahrhundert

One hundred years of the Austrian Republic was also a “Red Century”. Social Democracy and other progressive movements founded and shaped the Republic; established “Red Vienna” a unique socio-political experiment that embraced and reformed all spheres of life; the women’s movements fought for emancipation and the 68 generation uprooted authoritarian systems. In cooperation with the Dr. Karl Renner Institute, we investigated the desire to change the world for better.