Genial Dagegen

Which direction should the democratic left in Europe take? This question has emerged not only since the aftermath of the financial crash of 2008 and against the background of the generalised austerity policy. It is indeed not only economic concepts that are viewed controversially within the left today, but the questions to be addressed also relate to which type of organisational form is still in keeping with modern times.

Franz Vranitzky Lectures

Franz Vranitzky, former Austrian Chancellor, is the Bruno Kreisky Forum’s founding president. Acting president until 2004, he is since then honorary president and host of the Franz Vranitzky Lectures which are intended to engage international leading figures in the forum’s public debate.


Franz Vranitzky Chair

The Franz Vranitzky Chair for European Studies is a transdisciplinary professorship at the University of Vienna, based at two institutes: the Institute of Contemporary History and the Institute of Journalism and Communication Studies. In having established this chair, the two institutes seek to intensify and sustainably expand their cooperation in teaching and research.

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Solidarität und Krise

Solidarity used to be a strong word. Today, society is more deeply divided than ever between rich and poor. Of course there is a social system that brings about a balance. But to achieve this, we need a new understanding of solidarity. We should not be content with alleviating material hardship, but should recognize ourselves as human beings in others. It is only through this free decision for humanity that a society can come together again.