Rethinking Europe


Philoxenia started in November 2017 as a lecture series curated, moderated and scientifically supervised by the London based journalist Tessa Szyszkowitz. Philoxenia, the concept of hospitality, was cultivated in antique Greece. The love of the other seems to be especially necessary today, when populist movements threaten to eclipse rational thinking.

In search of Europe

“It is time to rethink Europe. Europe needs a new utopia, because the EU of the founding fathers, the nation states, is broken”, says Ulrike Guérot. In her book “Why Europe Must Become a Republic! A political utopia” Guérot pleads for fundamentally rethinking Europe. She believes that Europe’s citizens can build a decentralized, democratic, sustainable and social Europe, post-national, with strong regions – with a European Republic as a protective roof.

A Broken Century

Following Philipp Blom’s “The Vertigo Years”, the thesis of a „Period of Inner Conflicts“ takes center stage: war has retreated from the battlefields into the heads and determined or jeopardized the future. In a series of talks with international guests, the fragmented past hundred years should be oriented on exemplary, but non-chronological and specific themes.