Auf der Suche nach Europa


Curator: Ulrike Guérot

Professor for European Policy and the Study of Democracy, Donau-University Krems

“It is time to rethink Europe. Europe needs a new utopia, because the EU of the founding fathers, the nation states, is broken”, says Ulrike Guérot. In her book “Why Europe Must Become a Republic! A political utopia” Guérot pleads for fundamentally rethinking Europe. She believes that Europe’s citizens can build a decentralized, democratic, sustainable and social Europe, post-national, with strong regions – with a European Republic as a protective roof.
The European Republic is a EUtopia (Greek εὖ „good“ or „well“ and τόπος „place“) for a democratic future in Europe: A republic where all European citizens enjoy political equality. The common good, res publica, is the guiding principle of the proposal for a future European community.
Though this vision is utopian in times of constant crisis, the goal is to open the debate beyond the current public discourse trapped between technocratic vocabulary and harsh rhetoric of growing nationalist movements. We need to discuss real alternatives.
There is a Plan B for Europe – The European Republic. We are convinced, our continent can transform into a post-national, truly democratic, just, and fair place.

Program – In search of Europe 2017-2020

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