In terms of democratic politics, the Corona situation has brought about a complete switch: a switching of the political mode.

The layer of democratic politics that is otherwise always hidden now emerges openly. Normally, there is a “democratic imperative.” This means: communication, debates, arguments. Now, however, what lies beneath emerges naked: democratic politics in crisis mode does not mean consensus, but decision.

We now learn quite clearly that even in a democracy, politics is based on raw power. That it acts as power. Communicated. Performs. And above all: decides. Even over life and death. That is necessary in such a crisis situation.

In a crisis, decision-making power is at the heart of democratic politics. This does not simply follow the “virological imperative” – that is, what scientists prescribe. Rather, politics must make decisions on the basis of and along the lines of – even contradictory – expert opinions. That is good, because otherwise we would have expert rule. But it also means, conversely, that politics has an element of arbitrariness. The heart of politics currently manifests itself as lonely, arbitrary decisions that are often difficult to make. In normal democratic life, however, this is not only shrouded. It is also contained, limited.

DEMOCRACY – Program 2010- Juni 2024