2019: Es ist ein gutes Land

Kurator Wolfgang Maderthaner Generaldirektor Österreichisches Staatsarchiv

Curator: Wolfgang Maderthaner

Historian, scholar of English language and literature, and archivist

In 2018 we celebrated the centenary of the foundation of the Republic of Austria. But what does Austria actually mean?

In 2018, the historian Wolfgang Maderthaner published the splendid volume “Österreich. 99 Dokumente, Briefe, Urkunden” (Austria: 99 Documents, Letters, Deeds). In this book, the historian presents classical documents that make up the historic memory of the Central European region, and at the same time reveals unexpected, unknown and surprising facts – covering such a wide span as from the first recorded document of 816 to the migration crisis of 2015. The documents presented illustrate not only unique cultural achievements but also acts of profound barbarism, they tell of dynastic imperialism, grand power politics, resistance and rebellion, of the fates of the powerful as well as the life – or rather – survival strategies of those who are commonly forgotten by history.

In our new series “Es ist ein gutes Land. Republikanische Geschichtsstunde(n)” (It is a good country. Republican history lesson/s), Wolfgang Maderthaner and his discussion partners discuss the history and topical events of this region, which within changing borders and a wide range of attributed meanings has come to bear the name “Austria”.

Programme It is a Good Country 2019-2023